Business Process Management

Processes have a life cycle

Business Process Management is a framework that defines how a company manages it's business processes throughout their lifetime.

A process life cycle include these phases, design, automation, execution, monitoring, measurement, control and iterations of improvements until it no longer adds value in the present environment.

The objective of BPM is to design processes with predictable outcomes and have a positive impact on the organization's performance.

Because business goals are continuously adjusting to changing market conditions, its imperative to have a well structured framework that enables fast and efficient re-optimization to keep processes aligned.

Do you have a process to manage processes?

Do you have a process to manage processes?


Process Improvement

Process improvement, a mindset of change.

The maintenance phase of a process is improvement. This phase is made up of incremental tweaks and adjustments to keep the desired outcome aligned to the ever changing business goals.

Improvements are possible when combined with accurately defined metrics, a progress and performance tracking system that provides real-time data and a method for analyzing and interpreting the results to recognize trends and highlight potential areas of inefficiency.

Roles and responsibilities for continuous process improvement are incorporated into all job descriptions and personnel are trained to work together to manage the process life cycle.

Developing a mindset where change is a part of business and adopting principles and practices that enable resilience and adaptability, an organization can keep pace with evolving customer demand and technology and external influences of a global economy.

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Making improvements requires setting goals and measuring your progress. Progress tracking is known to positively increase focus on goals. Read about this and other topics about managing a supply chain in the Insights page.

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