Planning and Execution

Holistic planning, measurable results

Planning is tasked with maintaining a comprehensive plan that yields efficient, low cost operations and high customer satisfaction.

Plans must be meticulous and results, measurable.

To be successful, resources approach planning holistically and are capable of highly detailed analyses and clear, effective communication.

Execution and control go hand in hand. The processes are governed by the supply chain management framework in conjunction with  performance management and process management.

Results from execution are measured via continuous tracking and when negative trends are identified, process improvement is initiated to get performance back on track.

Its important to note the interdependence with the rest of the organization. Customers, service, product and manufacturing management, quality, production and the extended supply network all must work together with supply chain to achieve a common goal.

How good is your planning?

Do you know how successful your plans are?

Are you able to review the results?

Focus on Planning

Focus 80% of the effort on planning

Planning activities involve supply and demand synchronization and material requirements scheduling.

Execution involves supply orders and end to end materials management.

Planning is the most critical of the planning, scheduling, execution and control functions. It has the capability of influencing every metric of operations and the supply chain.

80% of the focus and effort of operations resources go into planning. It's sole purpose is to ensure an uninterrupted product realization process while allowing only the most critical situation disrupt the flow.


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