Journey to Excellence

The benefits of driving excellence

Product producing industries such as computer and telecommunications suffer volatile consumer demand, short product life cycles and sensitive material pipelines leading to misaligned and disconnected supply chains.

Large enterprises build internal centers of excellence staffed by analytics experts that drive supply chain improvements across the organization. These experts focus on supply chain design, value chain analysis and other advanced analytics.

Non-enterprise size businesses lack the resources and infrastructure to reap the benefits of a center of excellence but fortunately supply chain consulting firms offer a variety of services and approaches.

Consultancy partnerships have many advantages. A consultant has no operational responsibility and therefore, is able to remain objective, functioning from the outside in or from the customer's point of view. On the other hand, a long standing relationship allows the consultant to gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of the organization and develop a holistic view of all aspects of the business.

With this knowledge, the consultant and business executives are able to define a strategy and a program to achieve new levels of supply chain excellence. The objective is to align the strategy with the company goals and customize the program framework to the unique characteristics of the organization. The framework is designed to be flexible to easily realign its strategy as the company adjusts its goals to respond to changing customer demands and global events.

Before starting any initiatives that drive change, a thorough assessment of the critical areas of the organization will determine its capability to benefit from a center of excellence approach. The program's key characteristic is the internal teams consisting of stakeholders, process users and systems experts who plan and execute the improvement initiatives. The information collected during the assessment presents the actions required to build this capability into the workforce. This step is also crucial as it sets a baseline to which all future improvements are measured.

A successful journey to excellence depends heavily on strong, unwavering executive support, a well defined plan and an organization that clearly understands the long term value the program can bring to the business.

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Operational and supply chain processes are most efficient and reliable when governed by frameworks that guide the organization through it's day to day activities and ensure they achieve the business goals. Please go to the insights page to read about frameworks that are necessary for a high performing supply chain.