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Ressalto is the Portuguese word for "resilience".

Which is appropriate because Ressalto's mission is to help businesses build resilient supply chains. There's so much to see here. So take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me. I hope my insights and approaches inspire you to transform your supply chain.

-Rachel Yabut

What is your strategic direction?


Go to the next level

Next generation digital supply chains are faster, more flexible and efficient. They are data driven, integrated across the organization and technology enhances people capabilities.

To get to the next level first have a very clear understanding of what you want to achieve and then conduct a comprehensive assessment of the organization's current capabilities. The results define a strategy and a roadmap to start you on your journey toward raised awareness and greater adaptability.

Find value in your supply chain

Sound goals and ways to track progress and measure outcomes create opportunities to find inefficiencies and misalignment in processes, systems and capabilities. 

A complete visual of the entire extended supply chain network compared to a clear understanding of what the supply chain needs to achieve will put you on the road to discovering the value in your supply chain.

Solve A Specific Problem

Do you have a specific problem you need solved?

A holistic approach to analyzing the problem ensures that all sources of the root cause are identified and the implemented solution translates to optimal performance of the supply chain.

Create a resilient supply chain

The journey to resiliency starts with a supply chain risk program customized to your unique risk architecture.

An analysis of high risk in critical processes, systems and the extended supply chain produces data for mitigation and risk transfer strategies. The comprehensive evaluation also includes identifying risk in products, relevant industries and geographic locations.

Enable with technology

 With business process management, the focus is on the outcome. To determine which process automation software will add the most value, first determine what you want to achieve.



Discover the value in your supply chain

  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Management
  • Progress and Performance
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Enabling Technology

Driving Supply Chain Excellence

A "Center of Excellence" is an internal specialty group that strives to break down the silos by driving supply chain innovation, collaboration and excellence across an enterprise.

Experts use extensive diagnostics and analytics that yield quantitative data to bring new insights into the performance of the people, processes and systems in an organization.

These insights translate to actionable plans and new interpretations of wider data trends creates opportunities for long term supply chain planning.

A CoE not feasible for your business? Find out how you can drive excellence in your organization.

Planning and Execution

Supply chain planning and execution involves every physical activity that brings products to customers.

The level of customer satisfaction and business profitability all depend on how well the organization carries out these processes.

Learn about planning and execution and how critical they are to your business.




Discover opportunities to transform your supply chain or gain real-time insights with dashboards.

Do you need process improvement or visibility into how your team is performing?


Do you need data management and business analysis?

Do you wish you could get early warnings of disruptive events and critical regulatory changes?

How do you know that your organization is able to adapt to changing demands and new technologies?


Find a source for interim or supplemental supply chain expertise.

Your supply chain partner and more!

Ressalto LLC

Why Ressalto

Ressalto's mission is to enable organizations to transform their supply chains into resilient and adaptable value chains.


Why Rachel

I take a holistic approach to solving problems and increasing productivity by understanding the critical elements of a company's ecosystem, how these elements are interconnected and how they interact with each other.

This well defined big picture allows me to provide helpful guidance and make recommendations that add real value to the overall business.

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